Here at Ride Forever

We, manufacturer miniature motorcycle urns along with key chain and pendant urns, so that your loved one can ride forever!

About Us

To our friends

     This is how " Ride Forever" came to be. My wife Laura Roland and I Craig Gherman love to ride and when her dad got sick and was hospitalized he said, "when I get better I want to ride with you and my daughter". A few days later he passed away and my wife was crushed and heartbroken.                                                    

      I came up with the idea to mount an urn to our motorcycles. I got to work in my machine shop and manufactured a mount and urn. It attaches using the headlight mounting bolt. Now he can ride with us whenever we ride.

      A friend of ours saw the urn and asked where we got it, because he needed one. I told him I made it and told him the story about my wife and her dad. He said I should start selling them because so many people would love the idea of having loved ones or friends riding with them again.

      I did a patent search and then applied for a patent. We received our patent pending letter and began production. Then we came up with the name " Ride Forever".

      We hope you love  our product as much as we do.     

                                                            Your Friends, 

                                                   Craig & Laura Gherman